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CNN Analyst: Legality of All Gay Marriage Bans Will Head to Supreme Court

On Wednesday, a Texas judge struck down a state-level ban on gay marriages, declaring those bans to be unconstitutional. When asked about the invalidation of this and other bans on gay marriage in recent months, CNN legal analyst Paul Callan said that it was increasingly likely that the legality of banning same-sex marriage rights would eventually end up heading to the United States Supreme Court.

“This federal judge said, ‘You know something, there’s no good reason to treat gay people differently with respect to marriage and he’s held it unconstitutional,” Callan told The Lead host Jake Tapper. “So, this is a conservative court normally, a conservative jurisdiction, so this is a very, very important decision.”

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Tapper noted that GOP gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbott said he planned to appeal the decision, which would result in higher and higher courts having to weigh in on Texas’ gay marriage ban. “Do you think this is going to end up at the Supreme Court?” Tapper asked.

“Yes, I think it will because ultimately the courts in other areas will weigh in with different decisions,” Callan opined. “This is such an important national question that I think ultimately it will wind its way to the Supreme Court for final resolution.”

Watch the clip below via CNN:

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