CNN Analyst Pretty Damn Sure Ferguson Will Riot if Officer Isn’t Indicted

Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson is or isn’t resigning or being pushed out of his job, depending on how much you believe CNN’s reporting last night (Jackson disputes all versions). But CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said the Ferguson PD was right to stock up on riot gear anyway, as things are “going to overheat” if Officer Darren Wilson isn’t indicted and convicted for shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

“Whether [Jackson] resigns, or is fired, won’t matter at the end of the day if Wilson isn’t arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for shooting Michael Brown,” said Fuentes, a former FBI assistant director. “Nothing less will appease anybody.”

“You have members of the community and other leaders saying statements and the press like there will be carnage, there will be violence there will be destruction,” he continued. “And they’re saying not just in Ferguson, but across the country, in other African-American communities.”

“The police better be planning and they better be stocking up,” Fuentes said, “because they’ve been told this is going to happen.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

[Image via screengrab]

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