CNN Analyst Suggests Stormy Daniels ‘Could Just Take a Page out of The Art of the Deal’ and File Bankruptcy


President Donald Trump’s personal team of lawyers are desperate to gag porn star Stormy Daniels — going so far as to publicly threaten a $20 million lawsuit against her.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is currently basking in the national attention she’s received over her alleged affair with Trump in 2006. Her lawyer, who said the porn star has been physically threatened to remain silent, has been on a media tour in recent days, promising the full story of the affair will be told in an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes later this month.

Despite her newfound notoriety and decades in the adult entertainment industry, Clifford isn’t exactly a one-percenter like Trump. Her biggest break was a small role in the 2005 film 40-Year-Old Virgin, and she was only initially paid $130,000 not to mention anything she may or may not have done with the future president. When the Trumps say they’re going to sue, there’s a good chance they’re serious: First Lady Melania Trump initially sued the Daily Mail for $150 million in February last year before settling, claiming she lost a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to make millions when the paper claimed she worked as an “elite escort” prior to marrying Trump.

It doesn’t matter to the first family that they now reside in the White House, and should probably be focused on bigger issues. If someone in the media is tarnishing their reputation, shutting them down appears to become the top priority in Trump’s universe.

So how will a porn star pay to share her story about allegedly having sex with the president months after the first lady gave birth to his youngest son? CNN analyst and criminal defense attorney Richard Herman offered one possible solution Friday afternoon.

“If he should find some corrupted judge that would validate this agreement, and let him get damages of some sort for $20 million, in the end, she can just take a page out of the Art of the Deal and do like he’s done so many times, and file bankruptcy,” he said on CNN Newsroom. “That would be the end of it … He’s done. He should get up, own it and move on to other things.”

For now, it remains unclear whether Trump will actually go through with a lawsuit against a porn star while serving as the commander in chief — but honestly, would that even surprise anyone at this point? 

Watch a clip of the interview via CNN above.

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