CNN Analyst: Trump Going After the FBI Is ‘Making the Russians’ Job a Lot Easier’


The panel on CNN’s The Situation Room today slammed President Trump for the latest of his tweets knocking the FBI:

CNN political director David Chalian said the President clearly can’t help himself and “it reveals what it really on his mind.”

Reporter Rebecca Berg noted just how many Republicans have been joining the President in this message and how it’s “working so far,” given recent poll numbers on how Republicans view the Mueller probe.

Samantha Vinograd, a CNN national security analyst who served in the National Security Council under Barack Obama, told Keilar that clearly such attacks “can’t be good for morale,” but she also added, “We need to be clear-eyed about the fact that every tweet from the President has a real national security component.”

She elaborated:

“Part of the FBI’s mission is to protect the United States against foreign intelligence attacks. We know, and there’s bipartisan consensus, that a foreign intelligence service––Russia––attacked the United States and launched an information warfare campaign to discredit our democracy and our institutions. The FBI is a key part of the fair and transparent legal process that defines our democracy, so every time the President tweets against the FBI or tweets against the Department of Justice, he’s making the Russians’ job a lot easier.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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