CNN Analyst: Trump’s Bragging Will ‘Fall on Deaf Ears’ at G7 Because They’re ‘Not Buying What He’s Selling’

CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd predicted that various leaders of the G7 summit in France might not heed President Donald Trump very much with all of the recent upheaval the economy has seen.

As she participated on a panel discussion for CNN Newsroom, Vinograd was asked about how international security efforts might be impacted by Trump’s trade war with China. Vinograd was asked about this as Fredricka Whitfield noted that Trump is threatening to escalate the trade war with new tariffs, and that was without any mention of Trump’s feud with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

Vinograd noted that every country at the G7 is impacted by the trade war, so “the global economy is facing serious downside risks because of a slowdown in China and potentially around the world.”

“Out of their own self interests, other G7 leaders are looking to see what happens with the trade war with China, and will likely want to discuss with President Trump not just what is next with respect to tariffs and whether he raises tariff rates or implements more, but what the off-ramp is. We can keep tariffing each other for many more weeks. We can raise the rates significantly and at the same time do harm to the global economy, but what is not clear to anyone particularly other G7 leaders is whether or not President Trump and President Xi Jinping have figured out a way to declare a ceasefire on what is happening.”

Vinograd concluded by saying Trump had to be “bribed” in the form of being allowed to host a panel on the U.S. economy, but “I think that his bragging will fall on deaf ears because so many of these leaders are concerned about the outlook of the global economy and not buying what he is selling with respect to the state of the U.S. economy.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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