CNN Analysts Pile on Hillary: Getting ‘Clumsy,’ ‘Creates Problems for Herself’

CNN’s Gloria Borger and Brianna Keilar analyzed Hillary Clinton‘s tough week so far, and what they came up with wasn’t so kind to Clinton. They called her “rusty” and that she’s been rather “clumsy” when she’s gone off-script on her book tour.

Wolf Blitzer suggested a “pattern” where Clinton has been cleaning up time after time after things she’s said that have gotten more attention than she’d like. Borger and Keilar said she clearly “stepped in it,” while Borger said the comments about the “don’t do stupid stuff” Obama foreign policy “took it to a level of insulting the President of the United States.”

And while Obama might not have taken it personally, Borger said, the people around him do.

Keilar pointed out that Clinton’s not just rusty, but “she has these weaknesses” that the GOP can exploit. Borger also pointed to another problem Clinton has: a perceived lack of authenticity.

“She is not a national transactional politician in the way that Bill Clinton is, and as we’ve seen on this book tour, she’s either rusty or she’s gonna have to go back to being scripted because she creates problems for herself.”

Watch the segment below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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