CNN Anchor Berates Joe Walsh for Wishing Death Upon ‘Appeasers’ at CNN and MSNBC

On Thursday afternoon, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield took to lashing ex-Congressman Joe Walsh for his tweet seemingly wishing death upon “appeasers” at the Turner network and MSNBC who refused to show Charlie Hebdo caricatures of Muslim prophet Muhammed.

“Let’s hope that when the Islamists next strike they first behead the appeasing cowards at CNN, MSNBC, etal [sic] who refused to show the cartoons,” Walsh wrote on Wednesday. The ensuing outrage from conservatives and liberals alike prompted the former Republican lawmaker to defend himself thusly: “Get real. I don’t hope for another act of terror but I know it will happen. And the appeasing cowards at CNN etal [sic] only endanger all of us.”

Walsh was referring to the editorial decisions of both MSNBC and CNN to not display the Charlie Hebdo covers featuring Muhammed cartoons, from both pre- and post-attack editions of the magazine.

Banfield, who hosts the 12 p.m. hour of CNN, took to Twitter to hit back at Walsh:

Despite Banfield sending the tweet to the wrong Joe Walsh, the congressman-turned-radio-host responded:

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