CNN Anchor Kate Bolduan Busts Out Laughing at Trump’s Claim of Transparency: ‘It’s Just a Ridiculous Statement’


CNN anchor Kate Bolduan could not stifle a laugh while discussing Donald Trump‘s claim that he has been the “most transparent president in history,” and said it would not be worth the air time to dispute it.

On Wednesday morning’s edition of At This Hour, Bolduan spoke with CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip after a brief gaggle during which Trump vowed to fight subpoenas from the Democratic House.

Phillip noted that during the gaggle, Trump claimed  “that he has been the most transparent president in history, the most transparent administration in history.”

“It’s worth noting that one of the issues that the White House is pushing back on is the president’s tax returns, which he has refused to release,” she continued, which produced an audible laugh from Bolduan.

“So he is at the same time saying he’s being transparent, but blocking a form of transparency that all other presidents from the last several years have released ahead of even gone into office,” Phillip continued.

“I’m sorry, that is a ridiculous, it’s just a ridiculous statement,” Bolduan interrupted, to agreement from Phillip.

“I mean, we could use air time and list off the areas of non-transparency, but I think we all just know that is factually not true,” Bolduan said.

Trump has, indeed, refused to release his tax returns despite years of promises to do so, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller lists ten potential acts of obstruction, as well as 37 times Trump couldn’t recall something in the written responses he provided in lieu of an interview under oath.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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