CNN and MSNBC Interrupted Sandra Bland Press Conference for Trump


Today was the highly anticipated press conference in Texas that was supposed to discuss the autopsy report of Sandra Bland, who was found dead in her jail cell under suspicious and confusing circumstances. But it was also the day when Donald Trump was going to land at the Mexican-American border, even though the group he was meeting with canceled on him.

Considering the heated debate over the Bland case as well as how every single detail of Trump’s campaign is being covered — regardless of whether he’s likely to ever win the nomination — it was really surprising for many that both CNN and MSNBC switched from the Bland press conference to yet another Trump presser. Fox News wasn’t covering the Bland press conference, so they didn’t have to switch.

Here’s the video of both networks flipping over:

CNN also promised to return to the Bland discussion after switching to Trump, but that didn’t really happen:

And here is some of the reaction on Twitter, which was not positive:

(It should be noted that Fox eventually switched to Trump.)

But yeah. People were not happy with this:

And then MSNBC’s Krystal Ball mentioned, without a hint of irony, how the media is what has given Trump the pull he’s been getting. Yeah, go figure.

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