CNN: As White House Asks Media For Break on Border Deal, Trump Gripes GOP Was ‘Outplayed’


As Washington, D.C. awaits Donald Trump’s decision on the funding deal, CNN White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins reported that the president is voicing frustration against Republican negotiators who agreed to the current funding deal, believing Democrats “outplayed” them.

“Everyone is waiting to see what President Trump is going to say,” Collins said during an appearance on CNN’s At This Hour on Thursday. “As you can tell from Vice President Mike Pence‘s comments no one is confident enough to say that the president is going to sign that.”

She continued by explaining how the president’s gripes from behind the White House walls are adding uncertainty to the deal’s future.

“The president has been privately complaining about these Republican negotiators, saying he doesn’t believe they did a good enough job, they were outplayed by the Democrats, and that he wished he had been consulted more because he thinks as a dealmaker he could have gotten himself a better deal out of all of this,” Collins said. “He has been watching the coverage play out as some of his media allies have been bemoaning this deal, dismissing it at a garbage compromise as Sean Hannity called it.”

Collins continued: “There have been a slew of phone calls from the White House to those people in media trying to convince them that this is a win for the president by making two points: one, that house speaker Nancy Pelosi is taking a loss here because she said the president wasn’t going to get more than $1 in this funding bill, but instead he’s getting over a billion, and two, by saying the president can still take executive action, declare a national emergency to get further funding for this wall.”

White House aides have reportedly been trying to keep Trump away from cable news, to ensure his mind is not changed by what he sees on Fox News or other outlets.

Watch above, via CNN.

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