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Peter Beinart and Ben Shapiro’s Fight over Israel Gets Nasty, Personal

Peter Beinart and Ben Shapiro squared off on CNN tonight over Gaza. Jake Tapper asked who’s to blame for the deaths in Gaza, and the ensuing argument got really heated and personal when Beinart took a shot at Shapiro and said he and Hamas “have a tremendous amount in common.”

Shapiro dismissed Beinart’s “idiotic” and “nonsensical idea” that Hamas is upset about Israeli imprisonments. He accused Beinart of always blaming Israeli policy first. Beinart shot back by claiming Shapiro once argued for the expulsion of all Palestinians from Israel and the West Bank, and so, “the true moral and ideological partners, Ben, are you and Hamas.”

Shapiro called this “absolute nonsense” and turned the tables on Beinart.

“Calling me equivalent with people who are murdering Jews is insanity, it’s beyond insulting, and if there’s anybody that’s emboldening Hamas to kill more children, it is you, because it is your policies which have emboldened Hamas. They know that people like you are going to get on American television and talk about how the Palestinians are meek victims and whenever they fire rockets it can be justified by Israeli policy. Hamas celebrates every moment you’re on television.”

Watch part of the segment below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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