CNN Caught Using Promotional Microsoft Tablets as iPad Stands


In a partnership of free publicity generosity, Microsoft generously provided CNN’s election night team with free Microsoft Surface 3 tablets, to use them during their coverage.

And use them they did, showing off the Surface’s capabilities to…function as iPad stands.

Even Jake Tapper, man of integrity, was caught iPading:

Poor Microsoft. Giving CNN an entire Magic Wall and a Bing Pulse, just to be stabbed in the back by Apple fanatics.

Laughably, this is the second time that a Microsoft Surface tablet promotion was thoroughly botched: NFL commentators had to be taught to refer to Surfaces as Surfaces, and not “iPad-like devices.”

And according to some observers, CNN was the only one who bit the Microsoft bait:

UPDATE (3:30 PM EST): Tapper responds, pointing out that CNN did use the Surface tablets for their intended purposes.

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