CNN Commentator on Trump’s ‘Nice Smile’ Moment: ‘If He Said She Had a Great Piece, That Would be a Story!’


A CNN panel discussion late Wednesday night on the outrage over President Donald Trump complimenting a female reporter for her smile turned silly at the end when political commentator Alice Stewart caused everyone to crack up with a well-timed joke.

CNN contributor and Democratic strategist Maria Cardona kicked the conversation up a notch by tearing into Trump over his comments and actions, stating that it was part of a pattern of behavior and that you don’t see him telling male journalists that they “have a cute butt.”

“I missed the part where he said that about this girl in the video tonight,” Stewart responded. “I think he was trying to be friendly. This is part of his nature, his personality and I believe way too much is being made about this.”

And it went on and on like this, with Cardona continuing to rail against Trump and the rest of the panel, which included The Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis and anchor Don Lemon, feeling that she was making much ado about nothing.

Towards the end, Cardona tried to make the case that the president shouldn’t compliment anybody because he’s the leader of the free world, and especially a female reporter from outside the US. Instead, she felt he should have least shown appreciation for her craft.

“You are the president of the United States and talking to a woman journalist from another country,” she said. “And calling her out because she has a nice smile. Why can’t he call her out because of the great piece she had written last week?”

“If he said she had a great piece, that would be a story,” Stewart noted, without missing a beat. The rest of the panel smiled and laughed while Lemon absolutely busted a gut.

“Alice! That was good,” the anchor exclaimed.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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