CNN Commentator Tara Setmayer: ‘Women Are Sick and Tired of Donald Trump Being the Misogynist in Chief’


CNN’s Brooke Baldwin opened a panel discussion on President Donald Trump attacking Stormy Daniels as a “horseface” by reminding viewers of Trump’s history of insulting women.

CNN’s Tara Setmayer agreed and said, “This is who Donald Trump is.”

She argued that Trump’s character deficit has been on display for years and years and his “enablers” are at serious fault here:

“I blame the people who make excuses for this and cheer him on, the people who are clapping like seals behind him at these rallies where he does these kinds of things. Those people are more responsible. Because he should be held accountable for this. That’s fine if he’s doing things that you like and we have some great economic news and people are back to work. That’s wonderful. Except the President of the United States is using the Oval Office and the office of the presidency as a literal bully pulpit to behave like a child without consequence. That’s where the outrage should be, the people who continue to cheer him on and not hold him accountable for this.”

CNN legal analyst Areva Martin noted how Melania Trump was just talking about stopping cyberbullying mere days ago, and Baldwin noted the attack on Daniels could very well be a way of deflecting from Saudi Arabia.

Setmayer added that this could very well backfire on Republicans, particularly among women in swing districts. As she put it, “Women are sick and tired of Donald Trump being the misogynist-in-chief.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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