CNN Completely Misinterprets Clinton Remark on Trump ‘Declaring Defeat’

cnn-clintonRight after cutting away from Hillary Clinton‘s speech this afternoon, CNN’s coverage of what she said completely misinterpreted one of her remarks about Donald Trump.

Clinton spoke in New Hampshire, criticizing Trump for tweeting about how “dumb” the U.S. looks amid the campaign in Mosul. She said that Trump is “basically declaring defeat before the battle has even started.”

CNN cut away minutes later and Brooke Baldwin brought on Dana Bash to discuss how Clinton said that Trump was conceding defeat in the election. Wait, what?

Baldwin pointed out that Trump has conceded no such thing and Bash spent a good 30 seconds explaining why it’s a turnout problem for Clinton to say Trump’s already conceded defeat…

…which she didn’t.

Before going to commercial later, Baldwin did clarify the context of Clinton’s remark.

Watch what Clinton said above, followed by how Baldwin and Bash covered it, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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