CNN Confronts Trump Campaign Manager With Her Previous Demand For Trump’s Tax Returns

1trump1-11Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hired a new campaign manager this week, and on Sunday morning’s State of the Union, she had to face some of her pre-Trump comments. It didn’t take CNN’s Dana Bash long to make things awkward for Kellyanne Conway, asking the new campaign manager if she stands by the demand she made just a few months ago, for Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

Conway predictably changed the subject, but not before making a somewhat extraordinary claim:

Now that I am on the inside I know something I didn’t know then, which is he is under audit. He has said clearly, and I back him up completely, that when the audit is completed he’ll release the tax returns.

Unfortunately, Bash didn’t challenge Conway’s assertion that she didn’t know Donald Trump claims he is under audit, a claim that he has made publicly for a very long time.

Asked if she would release Trump’s returns for years that are no longer under audit, Conway replied “No, I would not,” and added that “this entire tax return debate is somewhat confounding to me,” which it apparently was not way back in April.

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