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CNN Contributor Snaps at Pro-Trump Guest: ‘Let’s Not Be Stupid Here’

cnn lizzaCNN contributor and New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza went off a little tonight on Donald Trump surrogate Jeff DeWit for his repeated excuses for Trump’s refusal to disavow David Duke.

DeWit said Trump denounced it already and so he was “somewhat confused to why it was being asked.”

CNN contributor Ryan Lizza snapped back, “Let’s not be fools, okay? We just watched the clip. Let’s not be stupid here.”

DeWit helpfully echoed Trump’s “bad earpiece” excuse by saying it happened to him recently, but Lizza told him, “We all have technical problems, Jeff… Let’s not let a politician lie and make us look like fools by debating whether he lied or not.”

Lizza also asked, “How stupid and racist does Donald Trump think the Republican base is that he would go on TV and basically play coy with whether he supports David Duke and the KKK?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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