CNN Correspondent Frederik Pleitgen Comes Under Sniper Fire In Misrata

CNN international correspondent Frederik Pleitgen traveled to the besieged Libyan city of Misrata Wednesday, getting an exclusive look at “a city of fear, uncertainty and human suffering,” and coming under sniper fire. Pleitgen, who was unhurt, has reported live on his visit to Misrata on CNN throughout the day, offering a rare look at what’s left of what had been Libya’s third-largest and most prosperous city.

As Pleitgen reports, “five weeks of battle and Misrata looks apocalyptic. Bullets made Swiss cheese of buildings. Wreckage litters streets that are empty save opposition fighters desperately defending their city against Moammar Gadhafi’s heavy armor.” At one point, Pleitgen and crew run as someone opens fire on the street where they’d been walking. They escape uninjured, but later tour a hospital where others have been far less fortunate. The injuries–including maimed children–are graphic.

Watch it here, from CNN (but be advised, there are graphic images in this story):

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