CNN Debate: Rep. Ron Paul Goes Easy On Perry ‘Because He Might Raise My Taxes’

Texas governor Rick Perry‘s entry into the 2012 race certainly made Texas Rep. Ron Paul‘s position in the race interesting to say the least, and during tonight’s CNN/Tea Party debate, moderator Wolf Blitzer took advantage of having one of Perry’s constituents on stage to reply to an exchange between Perry and Mitt Romney on job creation. Said constituent was happy to reply, but not so happy to go after Perry, at least cynically: “I don’t want to offend my governor because he might raise my taxes.”

After a lively exchange where Romney argued that Perry’s jobs success in Texas was due to “drawing four aces, not being a good poker player,” Rep. Paul was invited to chime in. “I’m a taxpayer there. My taxes have gone up… I would put a little damper on this, but I don’t want to offend the governor,” he joked, “he might raise my taxes or something!”

Perry got his reply in, which he directed more at his record than against Rep. Paul’s. “We have cut taxes by $14 billion,” he argued, adding that “the fact of the matter is, there are people coming to Texas five years in a row… they’re not coming because we’re overtaxing them.” He concluded his success was due to Texas still being “a land of freedom in America.”

The segment via CNN below:

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