CNN Effusively Praises Fox’s Chris Wallace for his Putin Interview: ‘A Master Class’


On Fox News on Monday night, reporter and anchor Chris Wallace interviewed Vladimir Putin, and his tough, probing questioning garnered praise from a lot of people. Including, in fact, reporters and anchors on rival network CNN.

In the above clip, CNN’s Poppy Harlow offered a rave review.

“Let me just say about that thirty-three minute Chris Wallace interview, that was a master class in interviewing an adversary, she said. “I mean he kept going and going and asking all the right questions.”

“It was a great interview,” agreed her guest, The New Yorker‘s online news director David Rhode.

Earlier in the day, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota had similar high praise.

“Bravo to Chris Wallace, of Fox News, who got the sit-down with Vladimir Putin and put the indictment to him,” she said. “He had it in his hands and he said ‘here is the evidence right here, would you take a look at this.'”

After the clip she points out Putin “wouldn’t touch it.” It was a seriously memorable moment in the interview.

It wasn’t just CNN though. Salon said that Wallace was “not outfoxed” by Putin and that he “pressed Putin in all the ways President Trump did not.” Politico, too, highlighted Wallace’s “probing questions”.

Cable news viewers apparently also agreed: the 6 p.m. interview drew a whopping 3.2 million viewers.

The full interview is worth watching. Read more here and here especially.

Watch the clips above, courtesy of CNN.

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