CNN Fact Checks Cohen’s Claim He Did Not Want White House Job: ‘That’s Not True’


After the House Oversight Committee took a short break during Michael Cohen’s testimony, a panel on CNN fact checked his claim that he did not want a job in the new Trump administration.

“The one potential problem that I thought Michael Cohen has, is when he was asked if he wanted a job in the White House and he said no,” Dana Bash explained. “Our reporting, Pam I know you’ve been told, I’ve been told, all of us been told by people in and around the process real time, he very much wanted a job in the White House.”

Jake Tapper then played the clip because it “raised our eyebrows because we knew it to not be true.”

During his testimony, Cohen vehemently denied he wanted a job, saying he knew Trump “reamed out” Reince Priebus because he had not been offered a job.

“All of our reporting suggests that’s not true,” Tapper said.

Bash said she reached out Priebus to ask him about the story. He had no comment because he did not want to get involved.

Watch above, via CNN.

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