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CNN Fact-Checks Vice Presidential Debate

On Friday, Starting Point‘s John Berman offered a fact-check of the previous night’s vice presidential debate.

First up: The Romney tax plan. Ryan claimed that Romney’s plan would manage to cut taxes and not hurt the middle class in the process by eliminating deductions that benefit middle class families. According to the Tax Policy Center, however, it is not possible to perform the cut Romney wishes to without impacting the middle class. Verdict: False.

As for Biden’s claim that the Obama administration did not know that there had been requests for additional security in Benghazi, officials continue to say otherwise, although it is unclear who within the White House knew about these requests. Verdict: Unclear.

And then there’s Ryan’s claim that, under ObamaCare, 20 million people strand to lose their current insurance. In March, the Congressional Budget Office performed an analysis that provided a number of possibilities, including an unlikely one that 20 million people could indeed lose their insurance. However, one other possibility is that 3 million people could gain insurance under ObamaCare. Final verdict, then: False.

Berman then provided one last, final verdict:

Joe Biden? Has very white teeth.

Check it out, via CNN:

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