CNN First To Track Down Rep. Anthony Weiner For TV Comment On Twitter Scandal

CNN’s The Situation Room had the honor of debuting this weekend’s biggest story– the lewd photo allegedly surfacing on Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s Twitter account– on cable news. And adding yet more pieces to the puzzle, CNN managed to track down Rep. Weiner for an official comment, the first time the Congressman has addressed the issue on television.

“It happens to people,” Rep. Weiner asserted, “You move on.” While he did not elaborate any further on his comments, he did echo the sentiments he and his spokesman gave to the Daily Caller earlier today. He once again called it a “distraction” and “a prank, not a terribly creative one.”

Dana Bash‘s report also mentions the internet battle surfacing in the aftermath of the photo’s appearance, noting that, while Daily Kos had dismissed the story as a “right-wing conspiracy,” Big Government proprietor Andrew Breitbart had only initially reported the story, and was now calling, according to his statement to CNN, for a “forensic analysis” to put the matter under rest.

The report via CNN below:

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