CNN Goes Directly From Not Asking Andrew McCabe ONE Question About FBI Gymnast Abuse Scandal — To Gymnast Testimony


Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is a paid contributor to CNN,  and appeared on the network in that capacity Thursday morning to discuss Saturday’s planned demonstration in support of January 6th rioters. Curiously, however, McCabe was never asked about the FBI’s mishandling of the gymnast abuse scandal that literally took over CNN’s air with stunning congressional testimony on Wednesday.

McCabe played a central part in the investigation of former President Donald Trump and whether his campaign had inappropriate and illegal help from Russian intel officials to rig the 2016 election. He is an expert on all things FBI, is the author of  The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, and appears frequently on CNN to discuss all things FBI.

So he is an ideal expert to discuss the failure of his department to handle the abuse that gymnasts suffered under Larry Nassar, the handling of which led current FBI Director Christopher Wray to apologize, and to the dismissal of at least one FBI agent for his mishandling. And yet… New Day didn’t direct a syllable of questioning about this story at McCabe. Huh.

The curious decision to not ask McCabe became even more conspicuous at the end of McCabe’s appearance, as anchor John Berman pivoted from the former acting FBI director to the gymnast abuse story.

McCabe wrapped his hit by ripping “notable Republicans ” and Trump, who are “fueling these lies, fueling this disinformation and really stoking the flames of what ultimately can lead to violence. We saw that on January 6th.”

Berman agreed, saying  “It is just so dangerous. Andy McCabe, great to see you. Thank you so much.”

After a brief pause that allowed McCabe’s image to dissolve to a shot of four gymnasts taking an oath before Congress, Berman dove into the intro without missing a beat, though not without a look on his face that may have revealed his sudden realization that this was a missed opportunity.

“The FBI on the hot seat during an emotional senate hearing into abuse allegations within the USA gymnastics program,” Berman said, as if his previous guest never existed.

To be fair, McCabe did appear on CNN to discuss the FBI abuse scandal on Wednesday afternoon on CNN Newsroom Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell,  in which he called the unfolding scandal the worst “dereliction of duty that I have ever seen over the course of my 20-plus years with the FBI.” But the failure to bring up the sore subject Thursday morning was still notably awkward, or perhaps, awkwardly notable.

Come on people. McCabe is the IDEAL guest to discuss the FBI being on the “hot seat” due to this remarkably ugly scandal, and yet? The guy in charge of the agency under fire was not asked about it.

New Day is a well-regarded cable news program, but it did not cover itself in glory Thursday morning.

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Editor’s note — this post was edited after it was initially published to include McCabe’s comment from Wednesday.

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