CNN Goes There with Epically Incendiary Baltimore Riots Promo



The Baltimore riots have been huge for CNN. For the past two nights, CNN beat Fox News in the coveted primetime demo, something that is unheard of on an average night. And last night, the Don Lemon-anchored 10 p.m. hour came closer than ever to beating Fox News’ Sean Hannity-hosted show in total viewers with more than 2.7 million people tuning in. And they want to keep it that way.

So, to highlight just how dynamic CNN’s Baltimore coverage has been over these last few days, the network put together a dramatic promo that played during the 7 p.m. ET hour Wednesday evening, just before the primetime hours started and the inevitable curfew showdown occurred.

This promo has everything:

  • Miquel Marquez using his patented “holy hell, Wolf” catchphrase with a cell phone inexplicably attached to his ear.
  • A man in a gas mask taking a knife and maliciously slashing a hole in a fire hose that was meant to put out the blaze at the local CVS.
  • Someone smashing the back window police car with an orange cone as an older black man laments the lack of respect for his city.
  • “Mom of the Year” Toya Graham smacking her son upside the head to stop him from rioting.
  • Chris Cuomo assuring us that Baltimore’s police are not as bad as the cops in Ferguson.
  • Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) warning us that “Baltimore can happen anywhere” as drums beat and smoke rises from the streets.

In less than 30 seconds, CNN managed to show its viewers every horrible thing that has happened in Baltimore over the last 48 hours in the style of an epic movie trailer before finally landing on the network’s slogan: “Go there.”

Yes, CNN just went there.

Watch video below, via CNN:

[Photo via screengrab]

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