CNN Goes Upworthy with Terrible Headline About Dead Girl; You Won’t Believe How Annoyed People Got


This story about how a respected news network like CNN took a page out of the Upworthy link-bait headline-writing book will amaze you. Just wait until you read about what happened next.

On Thursday morning, the cable news network tweeted out a story teaser that clearly aims to mimic how the cool kids with their music and their CD records have been crafting headlines lately:

Here’s the actual story: “Police: Girl, 14, stabs sister 40 times because she felt unappreciated.”

Yes, a major breaking news Twitter account with 15 million followers teased a story about a 14-year-old girl murdering her 11-year-old sister in a way that screamed “MURDER! HORRIBLE TRAGEDY! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHY!”

HyperVocal pulled out some of the angry responses, and we’ll add a few to that pile:

Mediaite readers may recall how this very writer nominated “Upworthy headlines” the worst media meme of 2013.

[h/t HyperVocal]

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