CNN Guest: #BlackLivesMatter Not Interested in the Truth, Too Fixated on White Cops

mcwhorterColumnist John McWhorter believes that #BlackLivesMatter isn’t interested in the truth and needs to acknowledge some of those truths if they want to actually win over more of the public.

McWhorter wrote a column to that effect for The Daily Beast this week, and explained to CNN’s Don Lemon tonight that the fixation of #BlackLivesMatter on white people––especially white cops––gunning down black people ignores the problem of black-on-black violence.

He said that the movement believes “we have to focus on what white people are doing wrong” instead of asking any challenging questions beyond that.

McWhorter believes there’s an aggrieved mentality plaguing the movement where to be black means “living with the white person’s foot on your neck” or the best way to be black is to “portray yourself as a sufferer.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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