CNN Guest Can’t Contain His Laughter at Katrina Pierson’s Trump Defense

BeinartThe Atlantic‘s Peter Beinart broke into uncontrollable laughter upon hearing Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson go into a convoluted explanation on CNN about how he couldn’t have sexually assaulted a woman on a plane in the 1980’s.

Pierson seized upon a seemingly minor inconsistency in the story of the woman who claims Trump sexually assaulted her on a plane, namely the fact that at one point according to The New York Times, Trump “lifted the armrest and began to touch her.”

Beinart was keeping it all together until Pierson unexpectedly starting rattling off airplane facts. “We’re talking about the early 1980s, Don. Seriously, back then, you had planes, what, a DC 9, DC 10, an MD-80, a 707, and maybe an L011?” she said.

“But she said specifically this was to New York,” Pierson braved on as Beinart began to laugh uncontrollably. “And this is what’s important. We can ex out the LC 11 and the DC 10. Guess what? The first-class seats have fixed armrests!”

“So I can tell you if she was groped on a plane, it wasn’t by Donald Trump, and it certainly wasn’t in first class,” she responded triumphantly.

“Okay, one down, eleven to go!” Beinart laughed, a reference to the other eleven accusations of sexual assault that broke Wednesday.

Watch above, via CNN.

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