CNN Guest Compares Chris Christie to Marie Antoinette After Sunbathing Pics


CNN political commentator John Phillips compared New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to Marie Antoinette for sunbathing on a beach he closed down to the public over July 4th weekend to the public over a budget standoff.

Christie — who’s approval rating in his home state hovers in the teens — was caught grazing on the New Jersey beach he shut down this weekend in photos obtained by

Phillips, who writes for the Orange County Register, said that his favorite part of the Christie story is that “it warranted paparazzi photographs from a helicopter from every possible angle,” before noting that “it reminds us how fortunate we are that Christie decided not to don his American flag speedo.”

“Because when he does that Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands all become states.”

As Sally Kohn cracked up, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield held back a laugh, saying “I’m not going to laugh,” but that did little to slow Phillips’ roll.

“It’s a holiday, it’s the weekend,” he continued. “And it’s also a reminder as to why people like term limits.”

“Even the politicians that we start out liking end up living like Marie Antoinette. He’s not going to run for president again, he’s not going to run for Senate, he’s a lame duck and he’s acting like one,” Phillips concluded.

“Let’s pivot now,” Whitfield responded.

Christie, whose term as governor ends in 2018, defended using the beach in a statement to reporters Monday, claiming he had long planned to vacation at the governor’s beach house.

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