CNN Guest on Trump: Nobody Took Reagan Seriously Either

Following Donald Trump’s rambling 52-minute presidential announcement Tuesday, NY1 anchor Errol Louis told CNN not to discount the celebrity plutocrat so quickly.

“I would caution everybody,” Louis said. “The first election I ever voted in, a long time ago, was in 1980. People said this B-movie actor, Ronald Reagan, was playing opposite a chimpanzee, he couldn’t possibly be a serious candidate for office.’ And he won the presidency — twice!”

“We might get some entertainment. We also might get some education about government.”

“Those of us who are big fans of open debate and free speech, we’re getting a gut check,” he added. “You want free speech? This is what you get.”

One might argue that Trump’s reported $8.7 billion net worth was the only reason he got to put on that circus, making his speech hardly free.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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