CNN Guest: Trump Jr. ‘Doesn’t Understand How to Lie and That’s to the Benefit of the Nation’

On Monday night, Don Lemon had on former federal prosecutor John Flannery and legal analyst Matthew Whitaker to weigh in on the latest report from The New York Times that Donald Trump Jr. knew that the Russian government was involved in the obtaining of political dirt he sought from a Russian lawyer during a meeting back in June 2016.

“I’d have Trump the Younger in front of the grand jury tomorrow and lock him in to see what his third version of the story is,” Flannery reacted. He added that Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort should be “lined up” with him.

“In Macbeth, they say ‘Guilt spills itself for fear of being spilt,'” Flannery elaborated. “Well, we’ve seen the two parts of Trump Jr.’s testimony so far. ‘Oh, we’re talking about adoption’ kinda hiding the other question about Magnitsky. Then we have the ‘Well yeah, they offered to talk to us about information they had about Hillary Clinton.'”

He then invoked the pattern that these meetings between individuals surrounding President Trump and Russian are about sanctions, including this one involving Trump Jr., calling the sanctions the “quid pro quo” for “elevating Trump into the West Wing.”

“A good lawyer probably would have told Trump Jr. to keep his mouth shut,” he continued, “and America is better that he did not do that.”

While Whitaker took a shot at Flannery for pushing such a narrative for months, he did admit that this latest report was “concerning.” Nonetheless, he told Lemon that he wasn’t going to act quickly and bring charges against anyone over this.

“This is a case that people should be before a grand jury, hopefully they are.” Flannery reiterated. “Mr. Trump Jr. seems to me is a prime invitee into the grand jury because he doesn’t understand how to lie and that’s to the benefit of the nation.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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