CNN Hits Back at Trump’s Conspiratorial Tweet About Roger Stone Arrest Coverage: ‘That’s Called Journalism’


CNN’s public relations division is pushing back on President Donald Trump‘s conspiracy-mongering over the footage they obtained from Roger Stone‘s arrest.

Since CNN obtained exclusive footage outside of Stone’s house this morning when he was taken into custody by the FBI, Trump got on Twitter Friday to blast the “witch hunt” and question how the network knew to be there. As you can see, CNN has offered a cheeky response to the president, saying it was a result of “determined reporting” and reading the signs of what was about to happen.

CNN’s David Shortell previously explained that he went to Stone’s house after noticing strange activity from Robert Mueller‘s office that seemed like it had something to do with the president’s former adviser. Even so, Trump allies continue to baselessly float the idea that CNN must’ve been tipped off about what was coming.

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