CNN Host to Immigration Critics: God Help You if You’re Ever in Their Place

At the end of a segment Wednesday afternoon regarding the crisis at America’s border with Mexico, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield attempted to preemptively ward off any potential accusation of bias by explaining her perspective on the issue.

After thanking her guest Wendy Young for the work she’s doing on behalf of undocumented children, Banfield told anyone about to tweet her saying she thinks there’s nothing wrong with illegal immigration to “stop right there.”

“If you’ve ever been in a war zone, and I have, and I have seen refugees pouring over borders, half their families murdered, the other half tortured, they’re running for their lives, many of them women and children, it is devastating. It’s devastating,” an impassioned Banfield said, before speaking directly to those who have getting on buses to the border to protest arriving immigrants.

“And God help if you’re ever in need of help and you show up and there’s a bus telling you to get out,” she said. “This is America.“

While a handful of people on Twitter still took the opportunity to attack Banfield for her supposedly pro-illegal immigration stance…

…far more people praised her for sticking up for those undocumented children caught in the middle of this political battle:

Watch video below, via CNN:

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