CNN Hosts Panel of Women Who Voted Trump: Not A ‘Respectful, Pro-Woman Kind of Man’


CNN held one of their “pulse of the people” panels on Tuesday, so there was plenty of interesting commentary on how the voters are feeling at this point in time about the political state of the country.

The panel consisted entirely of women who voted for President Trump in 2016, though half of them regret their decision. Panelist Nell Justiliano held regrets despite Trump’s impact on the economy and as a change agent, and Annie Anthony said she hopes that Trump’s Supreme Court picks make her vote for him worth it.

Amelia Kennedy continues to stand by Trump due to his support for faith-based communities, just as Ruth Birchett does because of how Trump counteracts Democratic local politics. Ally Bross got in next, critiquing Trump for his “disrespectful” conduct, not being pro-women, and also for cozying up to Vladimir Putin when he’s supposed to be focusing on national security.

In terms of the Stormy Daniels controversy, Anthony lamented that Trump’s conduct normalizes extramarital affairs, though Jillenne Gamut defended the president despite her disagreement with his behavior.

“If I could only vote for a candidate who has been perfect his or her entire life, I could only vote for Jesus Christ,” she said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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