CNN ‘Impressed’ With William’s ‘Car Seat Moves,’ But ‘What Message Is This Couple Trying To Send?’

After an hour of filling airtime while staring at a door, CNN finally had something tangible to talk about: Prince William putting a car seat in his SUV and driving off. But what could it mean?

“People assumed he would not be the one driving home to Kensington Palace,” host Brooke Baldwin said. “But indeed he got behind the driver’s seat. He placed the baby boy in the car seat, and away they went. What message do you think that this couple is trying to send?”

“People are often surprised that William’s doing the driving,” said Victoria Arbiter, last seen praising Kate’s brilliant choice of a boy. “But he tends to drive the couple a lot. He is very keen for people to see that he is normal. We often hear about his desperate desire to be normal. He’s a family man, husband, and a father.”

“I have to say, I was impressed with the car seat moves,” Arbiter said. “He has clearly been practicing…When you do it in front of the world’s media, you’ve got to put some practice in.”

“I’m sure many mommies to be are saying look, ‘You see? The prince can do this, you can too,” Baldwin said.

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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