CNN Legal Analyst Knocks Barr Over Mueller Report: He ‘Misrepresented’ on Several Issues

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CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti criticized Attorney General Bill Barr for what he said about the Mueller report after finally seeing what’s in it.

He told Michael Smerconish the surprise for him is that “Barr misrepresented what Mueller’s reasoning was regarding obstruction of justice, and misrepresented a number of other things as well.”

“Frankly,” he added, “I don’t know who the Mueller report was worse for, Trump or Barr.”

Mariotti, after reading through Robert Mueller laying out multiple episodes of obstructive acts, found it to be “nothing like what Barr had said”:

“I was looking for the difficult questions of law and fact that Mr. Barr told us that Mueller was wrestling with as obstruction of justice. And what I found instead was Robert Mueller going episode by episode of potential obstruction of justice and laying out how each of the elements––in other words, the pieces that a prosecutor must prove in order to make a case. He walked through each of those. And as to eight of the episodes, by my count, that Mr. Mueller said that there is substantial evidence to prove each one of the elements.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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