comScore CNN Looks Back on Failed Biden Bids in Brutal Overview: 'He’s Never Really Relevant'

CNN Looks Back on Failed Biden Bids in Brutal Overview: ‘He’s Never Really Relevant’

Former Vice President and latest 2020 hopeful Joe Biden has enjoyed a fairly warm reception as the latest candidate in a crowded field, with a few glitches here and there. But in a somewhat surprising segment for CNN, politics reporter Chris Cillizza lit him up over his past failed runs at the top office.

Anchor Brooke Baldwin introduced the package with what sounded very much like a low-key burn on Biden’s prior installments as a candidate. “You know the saying, third time’s the charm. No doubt Joe Biden and his backers are hoping that is the case here, since he has already run for President twice,” she said. “First time, he pulled out within the first four months.”

“So let’s get specific on Biden’s previous launches,” she said introducing Cillizza. “So we know him as this senator from Delaware, he first ran back in ‘88… What happened?”

“Okay. So he actually never makes it to 1988 in his first bid, Brooke, because he dropped out in ‘87 following a plagiarism scandal,” said Cillizza coming in with an early hit. “Now, just a little bit of context: He’s not the front-runner in 1987, but in 1987 Joe Biden has only been in the Senate for 15 years. He’s seen as kind of an up-and-comer. He is considered someone who could be the nominee.”

“But he gives a speech that’s very similar to a speech that a British Labour politician had given, named Neil Kinnock, and it leads to his demise,” Cillizza explained. “Let’s play a little bit of sound that gets at those similarities first.”

Cillizza went through the comparison and similarities of the speeches given by the two men, pointing out that there was “a lot there” that was alike. But not just there.

“There was also more, that there was other potential plagiarism problems with Joe Biden speeches,” Cillizza pointed out. “He said he had just thought of it. He didn’t realize he was plagiarizing it. And to this day, he has fought it. But it did lead, as you rightly know, to him getting out of the race.”

They then played the painful clip of Biden stepping out of the race back then. Baldwin then prompts Cillizza about the 2008 race, where he was a candidate on his own before becoming Obama’s running mate.

Cillizza roasted him again: “Okay, 2008, different animal. He’s been in the Senate obviously a very long time. This was seen in some ways as a career-capper, never seen as all that serious a candidate, and his showing proved it.” The graphic on screen showed Biden at 1% in the Iowa caucuses. Another ouch moment from the past put on screen.

“Biden dropped out after this,” Cillizza said with a knife. He pointed out that it worked out because “he did catch Barack Obama’s eye, becomes a nominee and picks him as VP. Nevertheless, the clip they play is of Biden having to announce his fail again.

After that second fail clip, Cillizza said, “Now, I guarantee you, Broke, when he dropped out, I remember this, when he dropped in ‘08, there’s no way he thinks maybe in 12 years ‘ll run for president again.”

“That was seen as the end,” came the next body blow. “Then Obama picks him for VP and then Hillary loses. It’s a series of events that have drawn us here.”

Not quite done with the flogging, Cillizza actually says that Donald Trump has something right about Biden!

“One thing Donald Trump is right about when he attacks Joe Biden — Joe Biden, in presidential races– the ‘88 race ended by a plagiarism scandal, the 2008 race, he’s never really relevant and drops out after the first vote — he’s never really shown the quality of candidate that we expected him to be in either of those races,” he said. “So there are questions as he begins this third time to try and get that mantle.”


Watch the carnage above, via CNN.

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