CNN National Security Analyst Reacts to Kirstjen Nielsen News: ‘There’s Not a Lot of Sympathy for Her’

Kirstjen Nielsen is out as Department of Homeland Security Secretary. Yet, according to CNN National Security Analyst Juliette Kayyem, there is little sympathy for the now unemployed Trump cabinet member.

Following reports that Nielsen was meeting with Trump at the White House on Sunday, Trump tweeted out the news.

“I really don’t have much sympathy for Nielsen,” Kayyem said before the tweets made it official but after reports surfaced she was likely to resign.

She then said this, making it clear that this is a “firing or quitting of her own making.”

“She had a really bad week last week… not just, you know, being undermined by the president on the southern America strategy, but of course her choice for the I.C.E. Director being pulled by Steve Miller,” Kayyem said. “It may be she’s reading the writing on the wall.”

She added: “This was a firing or quitting of her own making, very few people who seemed to, I would say, embrace the Trump policy of family separation more so than Kirstjen Nielsen. For those of us who spent a career in Homeland Security, there’s not a lot of sympathy for her.”

Watch above, via CNN

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