CNN NatSec Analyst Calls Trump Out for Talking ‘Nonsense’: He’s Just ‘Making Stuff Up’


On Wednesday, CNN National Security Analyst Sam Vinograd called President Donald Trump out for talking “nonsense.”

“Simply what the president said is just nonsense,” Vinograd, who formerly worked for the Obama administration said during a panel on The Situation Room.  “We can sit here and try to ascertain some kind of logic to what he said, but what is very clear here is that he’s not listening to anybody that works for him.”

She continued on: “We have a national security adviser that I hope is trying to brief him on the reality of counterterrorism strategy. He has a Secretary of State that is just meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and assuring him we will continue to fight Iran even if we withdraw from Syria.”

Then Vinograd said this: “The president literally said the opposite of what his entire team is saying [during the pool spray]. At this point, it is unclear to me why the president bothers holding a cabinet meeting, holding a situation room briefing if he’s just going off and making stuff up.”

Earlier today,  Trump held a 90-minute pool spray where he shrugged off his unpopularity in Europe by saying he  “could be the most popular person,” claimed the Russians were right to invade Afghanistan and claimed — despite not actually serving in the military due to his bone spurs — that he thinks he “would have been a good general.”

He also declared Syria “lost.”

“And besides that, we’re talking about sand and death, that’s what we’re talking about,” Trump said. “We’re not talking about vast wealth, we’re talking about sand and death.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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