CNN NatSec Analyst: Trump, WH Should Be Publicly ‘Shaming White Nationalism’

CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem said this morning that President Donald Trump and his administration should be shaming white nationalists.

In the wake of the horrific El Paso shooting and the alleged manifesto being investigated, Kayyem — a former Obama DHS official — spoke with Jake Tapper about radicalization with respect to “white terrorism or white supremacy terrorism” against “the other.”

She said Trump and his administration should not be giving “safe haven” to such hatred or amplifying it:

“I’m not going to blame Donald Trump for this specific event, what I will blame the White House and Donald Trump for is not shaming white nationalism. Ideologies don’t die. Bad ideologies don’t die. Naziism didn’t die with World War II. Nazis still exist. They became shamed. You couldn’t get a job. You couldn’t go out in the world as a Nazi, right? And you minimize the ideology, you shame it in civil society. The president is not shaming it. So I use that term shaming about what the president’s responsibility is. It’s not both sides-ism. It isn’t a wink and a nod. You need to shame this stuff, isolate it, and make these people feel like they’re not part of a greater movement that’s condoned by the White House.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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