CNN NatSec Analyst: Trump’s Actions on Syria Tell Foreign Leaders They Can Just Call Him and ‘Ask a Favor’

Former Obama administration official and current CNN analyst Samantha Vinograd warned this morning about the consequences of President Donald Trump circumventing the normal foreign policy decision-making process.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto said a senior administration official told him decisions are now being made “on a whim” on phone calls.

The most relevant recent example is the President’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria after his call with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Vinograd told Sciutto, “A presidential decision absent of policy process means that the president has no idea what the second or third order effects are of that decision.”

She noted how U.S. allies are “criticizing us publicly” and how Erdogan is “taking a victory lap.”

And it sends a message to other foreign leaders, Vinograd continued:

“The fact that the national security adviser went out and talked about our presence in Syria and the President undercut him really just lets every foreign leader around the world know they really just have to just pick up the phone, call the president like President Erdogan did, ask a favor, and the president is going to agree no matter what he has told his national security team. That obviously undercuts the credibility of the national security adviser and other officials and just messages that foreign leaders can just go straight to President Trump and he’ll accept what they have to say.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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