CNN New Day Calls Out Fox & Friends’ Reaction to Trump’s Racist Tweets: ‘All Fun and Games’


CNN New Day called out their cable news morning show competitor Fox & Friends Weekend for how they reacted to President Donald Trump’s Sunday morning tweetstorm, in which he ostensibly told four congressmen of color to go back to where they came from. Trump’s tweets, which have been called out for their racist and otherized nature, were reported in real-time by the Fox News hosts who laughed in reaction to the divisive comments, with Jedediah Bila saying, “Someone is feeling comedic this morning.”

New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota, who is herself a former host of Fox & Friends,  introduced the Fox News segment in the context of the outsized role of influence that “Fox TV and Fox & Friends” play as it is the “sole source of information” for many Republicans, as it is “where they like to hear their own views reflected back at them.”

It is true that Fox & Friends is the most-watched cable news morning show by a very large measure, and that it is an opinion program, not a news one, that consistently presents a point of view very much in line with, and in support of, the Trump administration.

Writer/Producer Maysoon Zayid opened by plainly declaring, “Racism is not funny. It’s violent,” before adding “will they laugh if we get rounded up? How far away from that are we?” She then called out Jedediah Bila, saying, “Who was on that TV is brown and is constantly being yelled at to go back to their own country.”

Anchor John Berman then pivoted to his and his co-hosts ethnic roots before reminding viewers of what he deemed as racist commentary of Fox News’ prime time host Tucker Carlson and noting how President Trump ran for office on “American carnage.”

Watch above via CNN.

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