CNN New Day Rips John Kennedy’s ‘Stunning’ Double Down on Ukraine Conspiracy: ‘Another Victory for Vladimir Putin’


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) drew heavy criticism from CNN’s New Day panel for his continued advancement of debunked conspiracy theories about Ukraine.

John Berman, Bianna Golodryga and Michael Smerconish held a conversation on Monday about Kennedy and other Republicans who continue to entertain baseless claims that Ukraine, not Russia, might have been the actual perpetrators of the 2016 interference in America’s presidential election. Kennedy drew major condemnation for this after using an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace to dismiss Fiona Hill’s “opinion” (which she shares with the U.S. intelligence community) that Russia was, in fact, responsible.

Berman called Kennedy’s remarks “stunning,” adding that “he knows what the intelligence community says. He knows it was Russia that tried to meddle and did, in fact, attack the U.S. election in 2016.”

“He knows what the facts are,” Berman continued, “and he knows what Vladimir Putin wants is for him to say maybe it was Ukraine.”

After Smerconish noted that conservative media “remains lockstep with the president” despite the last few weeks of impeachment inquiry hearings, Golodryga asked, “if [Republicans] can’t believe the intelligence community, all 17 agencies, what’s the point of having an intelligence community?” Smerconish answered that “they probably do believe the intelligence committee [and] I think that the senator knows better,” but Trump is using the Ukraine conspiracy theory as part of his defense narrative, and the GOP is afraid of getting primaried without his support.

As the panel continued to remark on the Republican Party’s solidarity behind Trump, Golodryga remarked that the development “shows once again another victory for Vladimir Putin just to sow chaos and distrust.”

“The fact you say point blank everybody knows better. Everybody knows. All of these Republican congressmen and senators who sit here and say ‘I don’t know,’ they do know that Russia was behind this, and it’s a huge disservice they’re doing for their constituents and this country.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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