CNN Panel Blasts Acosta’s Epstein Presser: ‘Demonstrated Colossal Prosecutorial Irresponsibility’


Right after Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s press conference defending his actions in the Jeffrey Epstein case, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin brought on a panel that was, well, not impressed.

Acosta defended his actions as U.S. attorney at the time by saying Epstein would have walked free.

CNN crime and justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz said there were “lots of excuses here,” saying, “Lots of excuses here. You never hear him apologize. You never hear him have any kind of regrets. It’s all of these excuses, blaming career prosecutors.”

“They took the easy way out,” he said. “There was no reason for them to rush this case.”

CNN legal analyst Paul Callan said the press conference “demonstrated colossal prosecutorial irresponsibility.”

“He’s talking about rolling the dice. He didn’t even pick up the dice,” Callan elaborated. “They didn’t even start investigating this… There were between 30 and 40 victims that the Justice Department and his office had access to at that point in time, most of them were minors.”

He went on to say any responsible U.S. attorney “wouldn’t have walked away from this case” and should have continued investigating through a task force.

CNN analyst Kirsten Powers remarked upon Acosta’s use of passive voice in addressing the matter, saying he just kept trying to “deflect it on to prosecutors.”

The Miami Herald‘s editorial page editor Nancy Ancrum remarked that Acosta “did not do himself any favors here” and that he failed to “show the kind of compassion, the kind of introspection that I think would have really helped him here.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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