CNN Panel Blasts NBC Over Ronan Farrow Revelations: ‘I Laugh in Their Face’ When They Say They’re Committed to Protecting Workplace


Ronan Farrow‘s new book Catch and Kill has some serious allegations about NBC, from him writing they shutting down his reporting on Harvey Weinstein to the rape allegation against Matt Lauer.

NBC has denied and disputed his reporting, with Andy Lack saying Farrow “didn’t have a story that met our standard for broadcast nor that of any major news organization.”

On CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning, New York Magazine correspondent Irin Carmon said, “I worked at NBC and there’s a lot of people I really respect there. I think that they deserve to know exactly who knew what when. They deserve accountability. There was never an independent investigation at NBC, in contrast to CBS, which I reported on, which hired a law firm to do an independent investigation. Wasn’t a perfect process, but you can see that at CBS, there are many new faces steering, the ship. At NBC, we really have yet to have a full accounting.”

Stelter brought up a statement from NBC with respect to Matt Lauer saying, “Any suggestion that we tried to cover up any aspect of Lauer’s conduct is absolutely false and offensive.”

Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik said, “I love it when they say it’s offensive. Brian, I never bought — for not a second did I buy that they didn’t know what was going on with Matt Lauer. He was making a lot of money for them in the most important day part. The notion just voiced that they looked the other way is the kindest thing that you can say about him. And now after Farrow’s book about these incidents, I laugh in their face when they tell me how committed they are to — to a diverse workplace and protecting women who come into the workplace. This is outrageous.”

He allowed that news outlets should be careful with reporting on “powerful people,” but said, “This went way beyond it. He took what they told him was unacceptable after they told him and his producer to stop reporting. He took it over to the New Yorker and it won a Pulitzer Prize. How do they keep doing the crisis management talk in the wake of that? As journalists we know exactly what that is.”

One of the key points Farrow raises is, as Stelter put it, “maybe it was NBC’s own secrets that made the network a little bit nervous here.”

“It would appear that they were throwing stones from a Matt Lauer glass house,” Carmon said.

She pointed out that the Today Show is doing fine now with female co-hosts, calling it “an executive suite delusion that Matt Lauer was so valuable that they had to look the other way as he abused his power in the workforce.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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