CNN Panel Blows Up After Trump Adviser Steve Cortes Calls Migrant Families ‘Invaders’


Steve Cortes, an adviser to President Donald Trump, called undocumented migrants “invaders” when discussing the administration’s family separation policy at the US-Mexico border.

“They’re not immigrants — they’re not immigrants! They’re invaders!” Shouted Cortes while on CNN today, shocking everyone on the panel. “If you come here without permission, you are an invader!”

CNN anchor Erin Burnett who responded by asking, “They’re invaders?! Steve, do you want to stand by that word?”

Democrat strategist Maria Cardona, who was caught off by Cortes for his “invaders comment, rebutted the attack against migrants with an impassioned monologue:

“They are immigrants! They are immigrants, Steve! … I am an immigrant, I come from a country who has also seen the kinds of atrocities that these families are fleeing — I know this first hand. A family does not wake up in the morning that comes from these countries — and they are fleeing certain death, Erin — to say, ‘Oh, I think it would be fun to cross the border on a life threatening journey with my children in toe to see if I can break into the Untied States.’ That does not happen, they come here because they have no choice.

Watch above, via CNN.

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