CNN Panel Blows Up Over Trump Emergency Declaration: ‘Don’t You Dare Patronize Me!’


A CNN panel on President Donald Trump‘s declaration of a national emergency and his veto of the Senate rejecting it got extremely heated this afternoon.

Ben Ferguson said he understands and respects the position of those 12 Republicans who voted in favor of blocking the national emergency because of concerns about precedent and how future Democratic presidents might abuse their executive authority.

Tara Setmayer expressed disappointment it was only 12 Republicans, before noting how Trump is already being “very irresponsible with his words” on this issue. “When I listened to him during this veto ceremony going on and on saying it was his duty to veto this and that it was putting Americans in danger, that kind of demagogue rhetoric on this issue is what’s actually dangerous,” she said.

Setmayer blasted Trump for trying to gin up fear. Ferguson shot back that it’s “not ginning people up,” but Setmayer said it’s clear “fearmongering and demagoguery.”

Ferguson countered that it’s not if you sit down with victims of crime on this issue.

“Do not insult me with that, Ben! Because I dealt with that for many years!” Setmayer fired back. “I wasn’t a radio host, I actually worked on Capitol Hill with this issue.”

“You haven’t sat down with these people!” Ferguson hit back.

At one point Setmayer said, “Ben, I worked on this issue for seven years, don’t you dare patronize me on this!”

“You won’t let me speak!” Ferguson responded. “And I’m going to explain the point that the president’s making!”

As the shouting continued, anchor Fredricka Whitfield finally jumped in to say no one can hear them when they’re talking over each other.

You can watch the full panel segment above, via CNN.

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