CNN Panel Breaks Down Twitter’s ‘Major’ 280-Character News: What About POTUS?


Twitter announced today their decision to increase the character limit of tweets from 140-characters to 280-characters — a move that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer considers to be a “major development,” particularly for the platform’s most powerful user.

“There was another major development today — when I say major, I mean major development — Twitter now doubling the character limit on tweets, a pretty significant development right now,” said Blitzer.

CNN political commentator David Swerdlick claimed the increase is not a good move, particularly for President Donald Trump.

“I consider this sacrilege, Wolf, it’s like turning Haikus to 34 syllabus. It’s a bad idea. As far as the president goes — look, if he’s had success with these it’s because he’s been able to be succinct and punchy,” said Swerdlick.

“I don’t know if he’s going to be able to do that. I don’t know if he’s going to do that as effectively if he’s got more running room on these… The president is known for moderation,” the commentator sarcastically added.

Blitzer went onto joke about the presidents lengthy Twitter threads, which pre-dated the era of 280-character tweets.

“When the limit was 140 he would have two or three tweets in a row — and we’d get the point,” Blitzer said — referencing the days when Trump did not know how to thread his tweets and would instead use ellipses to divide his thoughts.

“Tweetstorm!” Chimed-in another panelist, using the term that has been commonly used to describe the president’s common Twitter habit in which he fires off four, five, six, or more tweets in a relatively short period of time.

Watch above, via CNN.

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