CNN Panel Calls Out Trump’s Hypocrisy on Biden: He’s Been Accused of Sexual Assault


A CNN panel called out President Donald Trump‘s chutzpah on Friday, noting that in light of his own past, he is not exactly the best person to be criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden.

Speaking as he was leaving the White House on Friday, Trump said this about Biden: “I don’t see Joe Biden as a threat. No, I don’t see him as a threat. I think he is only a threat to himself.”

He was also asked by reporters if he thought he was a good messenger when it came to the Biden controversy.

Trump said he did.

“I’m a very good messenger, and people got a kick out of it,” Trump shot back. “[Biden] is going through a situation — let’s see what happens, but people got a kick out of it. We have to sort of smile a little bit, right?”

Speaking of Trump’s remarks on Biden, CNN panelist Symone Sanders said that while own Biden’s most recent response made her cringe, she has confidence that Biden will get it right.

Not so much with Trump.

“Donald Trump, though, on the other hand. Look, I’ve always said people that live in glass houses should not throw stones, rocks, or bulldozers. And Donald Trump definitely has no room in this conversation, when he has not worked through being credibly accused of actual sexual assault,” Sanders said. “Nobody is accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault. So I think this is a worthwhile conversation to have about the spectrum of what is and what is not appropriate and about consent and what not, but this is not the same thing as Donald Trump and I just think we have to make sure we have nuance in our conversation when discussing that.”

Then a bit later on, host Jack Tapper piled on, noting: “As Symone pointed out, President Trump might not be the best person to be making light of all of this.”

Tapper then stressed that Trump has had at least a dozen women come forward claiming sexual misconduct against Trump, prompting more discussion about why Trump is not the great messenger he thinks he is.

Watch above, via CNN.

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