CNN Panel Clashes Over Whether Ivanka Trump’s Email Use Similar to Hillary Clinton’s

Things got heated on CNN Monday night when conservative activist Niger Innis invoked Chelsea Clinton as he tried to defend Ivanka Trump from the news about her personal email use.

Innis, national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), appeared opposite Catherine Rampell to speak with Chris Cuomo about the report saying the Ivanka Trump used a personal online domain to send hundreds of emails pertaining to White House business. Rampell started things off by remarking on how Ivanka’s alleged email use follows a pattern of online misconduct in the current White House, which says a lot about the rhetoric team Trump used against Hillary Clinton over her private server scandal.

Innis retorted that the former secretary of state approached “high crime and misdemeanor” status with her actions, though Rampell and Cuomo challenged him to say how this is different from Ivanka’s supposed actions. Rampell went on to say “it beggars belief” to think Mrs. Trump didn’t realize she had to be careful with her emails, especially since her father practically dedicated his campaign to slamming Clinton’s server scandal.

“You want to make a proper comparison” Innis responded, “compare Ivanka Trump to Chelsea Clinton.”

Rampell and Cuomo both flinched at that likening, the former noting that Clinton’s daughter, unlike Ivanka, was never a senior White House adviser.

Innis gave credit Rampell for that, conceding that “I’ll yield to that point.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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